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Brought with traditional farming practices and fed only with certified foods of organic agriculture, the free range chickens Pindos grow so naturally, at an altitude of over 700 m. offering a totally healthy meat, with no fat and a unique mountainous flavor. 

Free range chickens brought up in natural farms
above 700 m. altitude

Fatless, mouthwatering flavor with high nutritional value rich in protein.

Slowly & naturally grown
over 65 days and fed with 100% vegetarian food.

Strict production safety standards & unsurpassed taste

European chickens are raised on mountainous farms in a completely natural landscape fed on 100% vegetarian food, observing, in compliance, at all stages of production, with the European specifications and regulations.

EU poultry sector

A global player with family-based structures

Widely recognized for its top quality and highest farming & production standards, the European poultry sector is here to meet the worldwide growing demand for exceptional quality chickens rich in protein and other nutrients beneficial for the health while following stringent regulations on food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection.

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The EU poultry industry sets global standards
Sustainability and animal welfare

Consumers’ awareness on food production has increased significantly in recent years with their attention being focused on animal welfare and sustainability, in particular. With strict regulations in place covering the entire production chain, the EU Poultry sector meets the consumers’ expectations. The European Union’s production standards for poultry farming are widely recognized and among the top in the world, and the EU is committed to continued improvement in the area of resource conservation and animal welfare.


The three-year campaign, concerning the promotion of European Poultry products is addressed to the markets of UAE and Qatar. The  informational and promotional program “Chick Leaders” is implemented by the Producer Organization «PINDOS» loannina Agricultural Poultry Farming Cooperative that produces high-quality European chicken meat products.
The main objective of the campaign is to provide information on the high standards of the EU production methods, particularly regarding food safety, traceability, authenticity, nutritional value, environmental protection and sustainability, in order to highlight European history, tradition and experience in poultry production and processing. The attention is drawn to raise awareness about EU livestock products, namely poultry consumption. The information will focus on the characteristics of chicken meat products produced in the European Union, pertaining to quality and taste.