Year 1958: 7 farmers from Ioannina decided to get involved in poultry production as a supplement to their income. That was just the beginning…
The Agricultural Poultry Cooperative of Ioannina PINDOS has sealed with its brand name the Greek and European poultry industry. Today, with more than 500 members and 1,200 employees, Pindos is constantly at the top of the list of consumer preferences, with a market share of over 30% while the production capacity reaches 850,000 chickens per week. Pindos is constantly evolving, maintaining a firm belief in the vision, principles and values of its founders, and is today the leader of Greek poultry farming.

603.000 m2 facilities 

Poultry Houses


Feedmill Products


Factory of Ready Baked

Cooling Facilities

Chemical-Microbiological Laboratory

Fertilizer Factory

Rendering Plant (Animal Byproduct Plant)

Modern facilities, state-of-the-art technology and constant investments in equipment, make PINDOS chart an impressive growth path, producing products of unparalleled quality and high nutritional value. Combining tradition with innovation and the Greek «taste» with the unique natural environment of mountainous Epirus, Greece,
«PINDOS» is constantly designing new products, aiming to meet the modern consumers’ needs. Having a fully vertical production and following the highest international standards of quality and safety at every stage of the production process, «PINDOS» leads the developments in the poultry industry, having inextricably linked its name with the branded, high-quality, Greek-European chicken.

Distribution Network

With the aim of providing fresh, safe and high-quality products daily to its consumers, Pindos currently has the largest distribution network in Greece with 18 branches, 250 privately owned refrigerated trucks of all types and categories required for the smooth and timely transport of products from the place of production to more than 7,000 points of sale. Since 1987, Pindos promotes its products daily throughout the country and abroad through its network. All branches – distribution centers have modern refrigeration facilities to ensure the ideal temperature of the products, so that the cooling cycle is perfectly maintained from production to the consumer in Greece and abroad.


Safety & Quality

Pindos has state-of-the-art microbiological laboratories,
where daily microbiological and chemical inspections of raw materials and final product are carried out.

The company also applies all modern international standards for the safety and high quality of its products while it is certified with:

– ISO 22000

– FSSC 22000

– Agrocert

– Organic Agriculture Products certification

– ISO 14001: 2015

All in accordance with the strict standards of the European Union